Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Top 10 Signs Your Dive Buddy Isn't as Experienced as He Claims to Be ....

10) His octopus really is one.

9) He asks, "Which one of these thingies goes in my mouth?"

8) He offers to carry everybody's gear down to the dock.

7) He thinks BC is a comic strip about a caveman.

6) He says, "Oh, I just wait 'til I get that tingling feeling, then I know it's time to surface."

5) His mother has to buy air for him.

4) He's upset when you tell him that his dive computer doesn't run Windows '95.

3) He pees in his wetsuit BEFORE he gets in the water.

2) He argues vehemently that Nitrox was a monster who battled Godzilla.

1) He says he learned everything he knows about diving from James Bond movies.


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