Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The all new Diver's Dictionary

Contribute to the Diver's Dictionary!

I saw this idea a long time ago and thought it'd be a great idea for our website. If everyone could come up with a couple of definitions for scuba related equipment. ...For example...

WET SUIT- Exactly what a diver does when the cold and caffeine kick in.

SPARE AIR- The air left in your buddies' tank.

BOAT DIVING- A complex task because boats usually don't dive.

MAX DEPTH- Your actual depth minus 20m. Used when describing your dive profile to the dive instructor.

So give us your best ideas! We'll collect them and post the final version when we get a good sized list.... Here's my original one

Underwater Digital photography - Man's feeble attempt to swim after a fish (duh) to get nothing more than a blur that can later be photoshopped to rival National Geographic Photos.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

You spin me right round baby, right round like a record player, right round. round. round.......

Just add a bit o Pine Sol TM and wash those smelly " pee " odours away. The only way to get " narced" without the risk of bubble formation....

***NOTE " Soap bubbles may form..." but have not been clinically proven to harm the diver.

One Cool Cat!

What's new Pussycat? .......

Introducing the all new OWSD cert. for your feline friends. Now available at your nearest 5 Star PADI resort. PADI " The way the world learns to dive, ...oh yeah and cats too."

Now That's hockey!

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